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About Us
Robustech Ltd. is a dynamically developing trading and consulting company acting in the European market since 2008.

Robustech offers its clients complex services in the field of quality, from project consultation to execution, solutions for special manufacturing processes applying years of experience and 3D measurement of finished products.
Our company has exclusive distribution rights from world known brands: in the Slovak, Czech and Hungarian market. Represented brands are amongst the leading manufacturers of 3D optical measurement devices.

"The aim of the company is to satisfy specific customer requests"

Why Robustech?

Company name is derived from two words robust and technology.
The meaning of the words is directly related to the companys practice:
Robust focuses on creating, testing processes and the sale of products, which are and will remain robust, reliable and most importantly satisfy our customers.
Technology - company focuses on new and innovative products, methods and methodology for analysis, management and audits of processes and products.

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