Qualitative solutions in the field
of 3D measurement and services

SANXO-Scope HD is a complete setup for magnified high frame rate live image inspection. It was originally designed as a rugged and accessible manual inspection workbench for products and objects such as PCB boards. The emphasis in development was put to open space above the working surface allowing the object under inspection to be both easily moved around and manually manipulated with tools in an ergonomic  working position.

Adjustability, customizability and expandability were also considered granting the possibility to fit the setup for many uses.

The stand has adjustable holders for both camera and monitor that enable influencing imaging attributes, such as the camera distance, and operating ergonomy. Choice of lens dictates many properties of the setup as the specifications like focal length and aperture range ultimately define the angle of view, magnification and depth of field. In use, the application offers basic functionality such as digital zoom and pan, overlay graphics, image logging and video


  • Sharp image on Full HD LCD
  • Image saving (1-18Mpix)
  • “One-click” calibration
  • Accurate dimension measurement
  • Video recording
  • Autofocus
  • Super sharp big depth of field image
  • HDR techniques
  • Image Stacking
  • 3D imaging

SANXO-Scope DUAL + XY-table A2

SANXO-Scope DUAL + XY-table A2

Sanxo Scope HD mikroskop